Kakuri White Oak Hand Plane (Japanese Pull Plane) 41432

Sale price$42.00

Japanese hand planes, commonly called "pull planes", create a smooth surface by shaving wood with a pulling force, rather than the pushing force typical of western hand planes.

Produced by Kakuri Sangyo, this bestselling hand plane is versatile and durable. With a white oak body and a high-quality carbon steel blade, this plane can shave wood by as little as 0.05mm with each pass.

Typical of Japanese hand planes, the Kakuri 41432 is built to last a lifetime. The hand-finished blade can be sharpened with a blade sharpener and the minimalist one-piece body is solid and durable.

This plane was built to be used by anyone, from beginners to professionals. The slim body can be comfortably held even by people with smaller hands.

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