Godhand is one of the most popular tool brands with model builders. Whether you're building model airplanes, Gunpla or Gundam models, Warhammer models, or anything else that uses injection molding, Godhand nippers are the gold-standard.

Godhand plastic nippers have super sharp blades that are designed to cut through the runners, gates and sprues that hold together injection molded parts. They can shave right up against the surface of the part, leaving none of the plastic gate behind.

Their special design allows them to avoid creating the white, stressed plastic and burrs that are common when removing injection molded parts from their frames.

The Godhand SPN-120 are their most popular nippers with experienced model builders, thanks to their exceptionally sharp, single blade. But their PN-120 nippers are equally popular among beginner model builders, as their blades are slightly stronger, and easier to handle.

In addition, the Godhand SWN-125 and CN-120 models are perfect for cutting through thin metal and wire.

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