Godhand Craft Grip Nippers Tapered Narrow Metal Cutters CN-120-S

Sale price$36.00

These Godhand nippers were designed for cutting metal wires and cables in tight places. The Craft Grip series of nippers have an extra comfortable grip that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

These nippers have narrow, tapered jaws, allowing them to cut wires in tight and crowded spaces. The jaws sit at a ten degree offset which makes it easy to make fine cuts using just the tip of the blades.

The jaws fit together in a 3-ply sandwich structure, giving them a smooth opening/closing action and added durability. And just like all Godhand nippers, their blades have been specially designed to produce extremely clean cuts.

These nippers can cut brass wire, nickel/silver wire, copper wire, and aluminum wire. They're also suitable for clipping cable ties. 

Technical Details