Godhand Metalline Nippers Metal & Wire Cutters SWN-125

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These Godhand nippers were designed for cutting metal wires used in model making, but are fantastic for any purpose that requires cutting metal or wires under 0.5mm thick. 

Owing to the fact that they were developed for model-making, these nippers leave an incredibly clean cut - unlike conventional wire nippers. So they're great for anything where presentation is important.

While most general nippers crush the wire, leaving a pinched looking cross-section, these nippers have blades much sharper than most, which leave a super clean cross-section after cutting, and reduces your sanding, polishing and finishing time.

These nippers use Godhand's hybrid blade technology, which gives greater cutting capacity toward the back of the blade, leaving the front of the blade very thin and sharp, for detailed cuts on smaller materials. They're suitable for cutting brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel wires at various thicknesses.

Technical Details