Suizan Japanese Saw Dozuki Dovetail Pull Saw 9.5 Inch

Sale price$46.00

Suizan Japanese Saw or Pull Saw for both soft wood and hard wood like tiger maple, red oak, teak, MDF, OSB, or even driftwoods.

This is a 9-1/2 inch dozuki (Dovetail) saw, a type of backsaw. The Japanese word “dozuki” means “attached trunk”, so it has a stiffening rib attached. A dozuki allows the user to create a narrow, precise cut due to its thin blade and its easiness to control.

A pull saw is lighter in weight, requires less power, the resulting edge is cleaner and has a very narrow kerf for a smooth and accurate cut sharp.

Made with top quality Japanese steel which has it all: durableness, sensitivity and powerfulness.


  • Blade Length: 9-1/2 inch
  • Overall length: 24 inch
  • Weight: 0.44 lb
  • Made in Japan