Nichiban Cloth Packing Tape (12 Colors) 50mm×25m No.102N

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Nichiban is a Japanese firm noted for its adhesive technology applied to cellulose tapes, cloth tapes, bandages, surgical tapes, etc.

This is one of the Nichiban's cloth tapes mainly used for sealing relatively light objects such as cardboard boxes.

12 color variations useful to identify sealed objects by color. Aside from the industrial use, it can be used as a craft tape to decorate handicrafts colorfully!

Strong adhesive power ensures stable hold. If necessary, you can strengthen the holding force by overlap-taping.

Designed to assist your work efficiency that the tape can be cut straight with fingers, and the tape is easy to rewind.

Organic solvents free: non-toxic, harmless, and eco-friendly.

You can write text (e.g. shipping addresses) on the tape's back surface with an oil-based marker.

The following colors are available: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Black, Olive Drab, Silver, Pink, Orange, Light Green, and Light Blue.

Color: Red

Technical Details