Tohnichi 3/8" Motor Sports Torque Wrench 24 Tooth 10-70 Nm MTQL70N

Sale price$240.00

If you do your own automotive maintenance, or repair, service, or maintain small engines like those on lawnmowers, or sensitive appliances like air conditioners, then a torque wrench will be the most important tool in your box.

This very sturdy, high-quality torque wrench from Tohnichi was designed for use on motor sports vehicles, so accuracy is its key quality. This wrench can tighten bolts to a preset torque anywhere between 10 Nm (7.376 ft-lbs) to 70 Nm (51.629 ft-lbs) - providing you with a satisfying click once the set torque has been reached.

The MTQL series of torque wrenches from Tohnichi won't over-torque past the set limit. If you're unsure whether or not you heard the click, give it another push and it will simply click again.

This wrench has a 3/8" square drive, so is compatible with all 3/8" sockets, and has a 24-tooth ratcheting mechanism. It comes in a hard plastic case, with a calibration certificate.

Made and calibrated in Japan.

Technical Details