Tajima Screwdriver Utility Knife (Cutter Knife) DC-L560BBL

Sale price$9.99

This unique multi-tool will quickly become the first tool you reach for.

The Tajima Screwdriver Knife is a durable, heavy-duty utility knife that doubles as a screwdriver. The entire body of the knife is made from quenched stainless steel to increase tensile strength and hardness. The've added a unique tip to the end of the holder, so that when you retract the blade, you can use it to turn screws.

The tip is 3.5 times harder than a regular utility knife, so it has the same hardness as a screwdriver, and can tighten and untighten screws, open boxes, open paint tins, and perform other prying tasks.

The body is wrapped in thick elastomer resin to ensure a firm, non-slip grip. In addition, the body of the knife can hold up to two spare blades for your convenience.

Technical Details