Shimano Twin Power Spinning Reel 20 C2000S

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Shimano's durable Twin Power series of spinning reel has been produced for 30 years, and their newest Twin Power 20 models are the gold standard of fishing reels.

The Twin Power C2000S is their smallest, 1000 size model in the series. It has an unusually strong metal rotor, which is tough against distortion and twisting. Combined with their signature HAGANE body, it is one of the most rigid and durable fishing reels on the market. The HAGANE body is constructed from a lightweight metal with high tensile strength, it can withstand torsion from heavy game, and the impact of a sudden drop.

In addition to the HAGANE body, Shimano has newly developed a HAGANE gear system for their new Twin Power reels. Their Micro Module II gear system has an evolved tooth shape, greatly reducing noise and improving the smoothness of this reel's wind. The specially-designed rotor is exceptionally comfortable and smooth, and their newly improved extended stroke spool greatly improves casting performance.

Twin Power is Shimano's flagship spinning reel in Japan. And the new Twin Power series is game-changing.

Technical Details