Shimano Spa Scissors Fishing Scissors for Braided Line CT522Q

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These scissors are produced by one-by-one by master bladesmiths in Seki, Japan. Seki bladesmithing goes back 800 years, to when it was a hub for samurai sword forging. The area is now known as one of the world's three premier cutlery-producing regions, alongside Solingen in Germany, and Sheffield in England.

Shimano partnered with a bladesmithing company in Seki to make these scissors with fishermen in mind. They are an attempt by Shimano to not just create a luxury fishing tool, but one that is useful, and solves a problem.

The blades are exceptionally sharp, and were made specifically to cut braided fishing line without applying force, the handles of the scissors are extra-large, so that they're easy to use even when wearing gloves. Each blade is ground, sharpened and polished by hand, before being individually tested by the bladesmith on braided fishing line.

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