Shapton Pro Kuromaku Whetstone Ceramic Sharpening Stone 2000 Grit K0703

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Shapton is one of the most reputable and highly-recommended whetstone makers in the world, and that's a testament to their quality. The Shapton Kuromaku series (often called "Shapton Pro" in the west) are versatile, professional-quality whetstones that are also suitable for beginners.

This whetstone is suitable for sharpening knives, shears, chisels, hatchets, planer blades and more.

The Shapton Kuromaku 2000 grit stone provides a similar sharpness to a 1500 or 1000 grit stone, but with a much finer polish. This is a good stone if you want a sharp blade with a nice polish, but don't want to go through the usual two-step process of sharpening on a medium grit and then polishing on a fine grit stone. 


  • Soak the stone for 5 minutes before the first use.
  • Soak for 30 seconds before subsequent uses (optional).
  • Sharpen your knife on the stone, occasionally sprinkling water to keep the stone wet.
  • Wash and dry your knife.
  • Gently rinse your whetstone under clean water and air-dry completely before storing.

Technical Details