Shapton Pro Kuromaku Whetstone Ceramic Finishing Stone 8000 Grit K0710

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Shapton is one of the most reputable and highly-recommended whetstone makers in the world, and that's a testament to their quality. The Shapton Kuromaku series (often called "Shapton Pro" in the west) are versatile, professional-quality whetstones that are also suitable for beginners.

Finishing stones are for the final step in the sharpening process. They are to be used on already sharp blades, or after you've completed an initial sharpening with a medium grit stone. 8000 grit is perfect for sharpening knives that cut fruits and vegetables, and for sharpening straight razors.

Because 8000 grit whetstones are included in the "extremely fine" grit category and create exceptionally thin and sharp edges with a mirror-like polish, you should avoid cutting meat with blades that have been sharpened with them, as muscle and fat could bend the thin edge of the blade.


  • Soak the stone for 5 minutes before the first use.
  • Soak for 30 seconds before subsequent uses (optional).
  • Finish your knife on the stone, occasionally sprinkling water to keep the stone wet.
  • Wash and dry your knife.
  • Gently rinse your whetstone under clean water and air-dry completely before storing.

Technical Details