KTC Hex Keys Allen Wrench Set Ball-End Type (9-Pieces) HL259SP

Sale price$29.95

You never think you'll need a ball-end hex wrench, until you need one. Have you ever been putting something together, or taking something apart, and had a hex bolt in a really tricky position? You can fit the key in, sure, but something in blocking you, and you can't make a complete turn. So you have to do a half-turn, maybe even a quarter-turn, before taking the wrench out, and going again.

What would help you in that situation? A ball-end hex wrench. You can put the ball end of the wrench into a hex bolt at an angle, so if something is blocking your turning arc when you insert the hex wrench straight-on, you should be able to avoid it, and make a complete rotation.

This set includes nine high-quality KTC hex wrenches, with traditional ends on the short side, and ball ends on the long side. They come in a very handy clip to keep them organized, and to make sure you never lose a hex wrench again.

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