Kanenori Double Edge Mini Nata Japanese Hatchet 130mm C-70

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Kanenori is a Japanese cutting tool brand specializes in hedge shears, hatchets, and pruning shears. This product is a compact, lightweight Japanese clad steel hatchet.

This double-edged hatchet is made of soft iron and forged steel that bring excellent abrasion durability and hardness. It is also designed to sharpen easily.

This is so called a hashi-tsuki style hatchet: the top of the blade is protruded which is designed to protect the edge from impact when the blade hits the ground and to collect the cut branches on the ground easily.

It has an attached cover with a safe belt, so it is convenient to carry around.

This compact hatchet is suitable for many purposes such as vine trimming, log chopping, branch cutting, lumber curving.

Technical Details