Kakuri Ryuzo Sledgehammer with Flat and Domed Striking Faces 450g 41203

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This mid-weight woodworking sledgehammer from Kakuri is ideal for heavy-duty chiseling, planing and nailing.

This style of sledgehammer is called a “genno” hammer in Japan. Genno hammers have two different striking faces - one flat, and one domed. The flat side allows you to plane and chisel safely, without damaging your tools. The domed side is great for that last strike to set a nail. It concentrates the striking force on a smaller area, and won’t damage the surface of the wood around the nail.

Kakuri made the handle of this hammer from a comfortable, natural oak, and the head is a strong, high-carbon steel. The Kakuri Ryuzo is durable, and ideal for most woodworking applications.

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