Kakuri Kiridashi Knife Traditional Japanese Craft Knife

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Kiridashi craft knives have long been common in Japan as versatile everyday carry knives. School children of past generations were required to bring kiridashi to school to sharpen their pencils, and use in art and craft. Craftsmen used them to carve wood and bamboo, and farmers used them to cut rope.

With the invention of retractable utility knives and pencil sharpeners, kiridashi knives stopped being relied on as universal, everyday knives. However, they're still used and loved by craftsmen and hobbyists in Japan.

Their sharp blades and compact size make them a popular choice for campers to cut rope and carve feather sticks. Carpenters use them for carving, marking and scoring. And dressmakers and tailors use them to shear fabric.

These particular kiridashi, manufactured by expert knifemaker Kakuri, are each hand-forged from top-quality high-carbon steel, by master blacksmiths.

Size: 18mm

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