Ikeuchi Japanese Nata Yamanata Single Edge Survival Axe 180mm 53-180BK

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Nata tools are Japanese axes or hatchets, and a cutting tool unique to Japan. Nata are similar in shape to machetes, but they tend to function more like a small axe or hatchet, as their main purpose is generally to cut and split wood. Although, due to their design, they are capable of clearing brush and vines, just like a machete can. They’re very versatile, multi-purpose cutting tools.

This particular type of nata is called a yamanata, or “mountain nata”, and they’re the best equivalent in Japan to an outdoor or survival axe. They’re a traditional tool used by people who worked in the mountains collecting wood, hunting, or foraging - as they’re ideal for cutting undergrowth, pruning trees, cutting and splitting wood. Owing to their small size and elongated blade, they’re also able to be used as large knives, so they can come in handy when fishing or camping.

This Japanese nata was made by Ikeuchi Knife Co., who has been making bladed tools for over 70 years, in Miki, Japan. It is handcrafted one by one and made of high-quality and super Japanese high-carbon Blue Steel No.2 forged with a soft iron, and comes with a wooden sheath for easy and safe transport and storage.

Hand forged knives require over 70 steps from welding and forging to the final assembling, and each knife has a different appearance. Unlike mass-produced products this masterpiece cannot be produced in large quantities and requires more effort to make, so the price is inevitably higher, but when you use it you will be surprised at the sharpness, durability and performance. Include this tool in your repertoire and use it for a long time to take care of your precious garden or forest.

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