Ikeuchi Japanese Kiridashi Knife Aogami Blue Paper Steel Carving Knife

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Kiridashi craft knives were a very common tool in Japan in past generations. They are versatile everyday carry knives that school children were required to bring to sharpen their pencils and use in art and craft.

These days, they’re not taken to school anymore, but still used by craftsmen to carve wood and bamboo, and by farmers to cut rope and other things.

Their sharpness and compact size make them a popular choice for various activities. Campers use them to cut rope and carve feather sticks, carpenters use them for carving, marking, and scoring. Dressmakers and tailors find them particularly useful for shearing fabric. And traditional printers use them for finely cutting paper and stencils.

Kiridashi knives are easy to use, easy to sharpen, and make great wood carving or whittling knives.

This kiridashi was created in Miki, Japan, by a company that specializes in bladed tools. It’s forged from Japan’s most famous knife steel, aogami “blue paper” steel, so it’s an incredibly sharp, high-carbon blade.

Size: 15mm

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