Ikeuchi Carbon Steel Camping Hunting Knife Blue Paper Steel 45-150-KURO

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Japanese nata tools are typically machete-like axes and hatchets, but the ken-nata or “sword-style nata” is a steep departure from the typical design. Ken-nata are much more similar in design to western camping and hunting knifes, but can still be used similarly to a hatchet.

Ken-nata were traditionally used for pruning, clearing bushes, and cutting vines while working in the mountains. They’re also often used for hunting and fishing, and as a personal protection in case of bear attack while working. These days, they’re very popular among campers and fishers in Japan.

This ken-nata is forged from high-quality Japanese aogami no. 2 “blue paper” steel, which has a high carbon content and is exceptionally sharp. It comes with a genuine leather sheath for safe transport and storage.

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