Godhand Nippers Ultimate Nippers 5.0 Plastic Cutters SPN-120

Sale price$65.00

These Godhand nippers were designed for cutting parts and pieces off of injection molded frames. They can cut through plastic runners and gates (or sprues) with total ease. Their special design cuts down with an ultra-thin single blade that shaves through the plastic, rather than pinching it. This helps to avoid the white, stressed plastic and burrs that typical nippers can cause.

These nippers are considered the gold-standard for people who put together plastic models. Hobby communities for model airplanes, Gunpla, and Warhammer swear by the Godhand SPN-120 nippers as the best around.

They can cut through PP, ABS, and PE resin plastics up to 3mm thick, and PS resin up to 1mm thick. They're not designed to cut through metal, wire, or wood, as it could damage the blade.

These nippers were designed with absolute sharpness in mind, and to achieve that, the blade has become extra-thin. This means it can be very fragile, and you should take care not to misuse, drop, or twist the nippers while cutting.

Technical Details