G.Sakai Sashimi Outdoor Cooking Knife for Camping 10848

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G.Sakai is a bladesmith located in Seki in Gifu, Japan. Seki is one of Japan's historical cutlery production regions, dating back to the 1300s when a master swordsmith discovered the abundance of raw materials in the area. Today there are over 100 blade manufacturers and 10 swordsmiths operating in the town.

G.Sakai's "Sashimi" model from their Outdoor Cooking Knife series is expertly forged from high-grade 6A stainless steel, a rust-resistent carbon steel. The grip is crafted from non-slip Kraton polymer, ensuring your safety when preparing food with wet and slippery hands.

These knives are ideal for preparing the fish you've caught while camping, but are also popular for hunting and general camp cooking. The knife has a gut hook and serrated section on the back of the blade to easily clean and prepare fish and small game.

It comes in a plastic sheath, so you can throw it in your camping or hunting bag with no worries. 

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