G.Sakai Preppy Japanese Folding Knife 11179

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G.Sakai is a bladesmith located in Seki in Gifu, Japan. Seki is one of Japan's historical cutlery production regions, dating back to the 1300s when a master swordsmith discovered the abundance of raw materials in the area. Today there are over 100 blade manufacturers and 10 swordsmiths operating in the town.

The G.Sakai Preppy Japanese folding knife is a handy all-rounder pocket knife for everyday use. It has a locking blade, with a lock release embedded in the back of the handle, and a sharp and durable blade for cutting paper, cardboard, plastic, rope, and more.

This is one of G.Sakai's superior knives, constructed of the finest-quality premium materials. The blade is forged from VG10 steel, which is a highly-alloyed, high-carbon steel specifically designed in Japan for making chef knives. It's one of the most widely-used and popular steels available for knives produced in Japan. It has high edge durability and good corrosion resistance. VG10 blades are not dishwasher safe, but they are considered the ideal steel for knives. The grip is light and durable carbon fiber.

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