Engineer Screw Removal Tool Kit PDS-01

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ENGINEER Inc.'s PDS-01 includes a set of frequently-used screw removing items. It is the best solutions for any works/troubles related to screw removal. The contents are a screw plier, a screw extractor, 5 interchangeable bits, and a bit holder.

Exclusive storage case contained. Compact, durable, and cushion inside keeping contents undamaged.


Jaws have both horizontal and vertical serrations facilitating firm screw gripping with little slip.

Wire cutter at the inner jaws, cutting capacity within φ1.2mm for copper wire and φ1.0mm for steel wire.

Spring on the body, and ergonomically designed handles, facilitating heavy work with smaller fatigue.

Applicable to screw head between φ3 and 9mm. Can remove stripped, rusted, Torx (six-robed), and dome heads.

Can use for removing stuck jar lid as well as beer bottle lid, and punching empty gas cylinder.

Screw Extractor

High-torque handle grip materializing quick and fatigue-free insertion/extraction. Can remove damaged countersunk screws.


DBZ-51 is a press & twist type bit is useful when removing slightly damaged phillips screw. Hammering unnecessary.

DBZ-52 is a strike & turn type bit is useful when removing seriously damaged phillips screw. Hammering necessary.

DBZ-53, 54, and 56 are strike & turn type bits designed for seriously damaged hex screw removal; suitable for drive size 2.5~3mm, 4mm, and 5mm, respectively. Hammering necessary.

Technical Details