Engineer Rust Remover ZC-28

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Rust disappearing like a magic! A liquid-type rust remover which eliminates the rust on screw quickly and powerfully.

Neutral liquid: no acid nor alkali. Less harmful to bare skin.

The liquid penetrates through small gaps and reaches. Although depending on the screw size, wait for 20~30 seconds and the screw is ready for removal.


  • Apply a few drips of liquid to the rusted screw. Add more drips for very rusty screw.
  • Once the liquid is sufficiently penetrated, use the screw remover to take off the object.
  • Rinse the screw in water after rust removal. After this, apply an anti-rust agent without fail.
  • For a better rust removal performance, heat the liquid. However, avoid overheating.


  • Although the liquid is designed relatively harmless, wear protective gears (eyeglasses, gloves, etc.) to secure safety.
  • Wash thoroughly in case of skin contact.
  • Rinse thoroughly in case of eye contact.
  • Drink plenty of water in case of accidental swallow.
  • Move to a place of fresh air immediately in case of accidental inhalation.
  • This product has a peculiar smell.
  • Do not mix with other chemicals.
  • According to ENGINEER Inc., the product package design is sequentially changing, but there are no changes in quality of product.

Technical Details