Engineer Neji Saurus Z Long Nose Screw Removal Pliers PZ-60

Sale price$29.99

The Engineer PZ-60 Pliers is one of the Neji Saurus series products. A long nose pliers with an easy bite, tighter hold, and slipping-proof, designed to remove screws in a confined, recess space.

These Japanese pliers are equipped with both horizontal and vertical serrations on the jaws and can remove stripped, rusted, torx (six-lobed), and dome headed screws. They also feature a cutter on the inner side of the jaws which is able to cut φ1.2mm copper wires.

The jaws have unique inter-meshed teeth. Capable of holding extremely thin materials (e.g. ultrathin metal plate) without slippage.

Lightweight, twist-resistance T-shaped handles materializes less pain and fatigue.

Technical Details