Engineer Neji Saurus VP Series Screw Removal Locking Pliers PZ-65

Sale price$26.00

ENGINEER Inc.'s PZ-65 is a vice grip type, curved-jaw locking pliers. It is a multi-function pliers mainly designed for screw removal, object tightening, and wire cutting.

Just like the other Neji Saurus variants, this product can remove stripped, rusted, torx(six-lobed), and dome headed screws. This is due to the jaws' horizontal and vertical serrations which ensures easy bite, tighter hold, and slipping-proof (patented feature).

Simple to use: hold the screw head, lock the pliers tightly, and twist the screw. When releasing, just pull the handles with both hands.

Hex key adjusting bolt to adjust pressure and hold the objects closer. You can retighten the adjusting bolt by using hex key wrench (4mm).

The adjustable jaws expand your workability. For instance, you can firmly tighten the plate materials by closing it while can hold round objects (up to φ48mm) by widening the jaws opening.

Cutter on the inner side of the jaws, able to cut copper wires.

Featuring an easy-to-hold, hard-to-slip elastomer handles.

Technical Details