Engineer Adjustable Frame Fret Saw TN-04

Sale price$36.00

ENGINEER Inc.'s TN-04 is a metal working saw for sheet-metal works including the cutting of aluminum plates, substrates, and plastic materials.

The frame is freely adjustable, lightweight, durable, and has well-balanced design.

A truncated circular cone-shaped handle gives comfortable grip with little slippage.

Equipped with TN-17 (coarse pitch) saw blade with two optional blades: TN-13 (fine pitch) and TN-15 (intermediate pitch). See the following if you wish to check the interchangeable spare blades available at our shop:

  • TN-11 (the finest)
  • TN-12 (2nd finest)
  • TN-13 (3rd finest)
  • TN-14 (medium fine)
  • TN-15 (medium)
  • TN-16 (medium coarse)
  • TN-17 (2nd coarsest)
  • TN-18 (the coarsest)

Technical Details