Daiwa Fish Knife II Fluorine-Coated Butterfly Knife for Fishing 7752624-Daitool


Daiwa Fish Knife II Fluorine-Coated Butterfly Knife for Fishing 7752624


Daiwa is one of Japan's most trusted fishing brands, they've been manufacturing the best reels and fishing accessories for nearly 80 years and their unparalleled quality has aided in establishing Japan as one of the world's best suppliers of fishing gear.

The Daiwa Fish Knife II is Japan's bestselling fishing knife for a reason. It has a sharp and very rust-resistant stainless steel blade, coated in fluorine for better performance, giving a smooth and effortless cut every time.

The handle is inspired by balisong butterfly knives and can split into two to create a cover for the blade when not in use. This results in a very compact knife that can be thrown into any fishing bag or tackle box.

Perfect for cutting snagged lines, preparing bait, and cleaning your catch.

  • Material: Fluorine-coated stainless steel
  • Blade length: 84mm
  • Total length (opened): 215mm
  • Totla length (closed): 120mm
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