Anex Radiator And Heater Hose Pick Coolant Hose Removal Tool 9115

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If you work on old engines regularly, you know how difficult it can be to remove a corroded rubber coolant hose.

Even when the car is brand-new, coolant and radiator hoses are not designed to be easily removed - to prevent leaks. The rubber stretches to fit over the connection, creating an extremely tight seal.

This seal gets even tighter with time, as the rubber starts to break down, the metal connection starts to corrode, and the two become seemingly irrevocably fused together.

To make matters worse, coolant hoses are typically in the worst places. They're never very easy to reach, always hidden behind or under something that you need to twist and bend your arm around to reach them.

That's where this tool comes in, and becomes one of the best labor-saving tools for vehicle maintenance. Its long, curved shank can reach even the most hard-to-reach hoses, and its point pick easily slides between hose and connection to break the seal.

If you work on older vehicles often, or are planning a project to replace your radiator/heater/coolant hoses, having a hose pick at-hand will make it magnitudes easier.

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