Vessel Wood Composite Socket Wrench Set with Tool Case HRW2001M-W

Sale price$94.00

This is a set containing a ratchet handle, stubby handle, socket adaptor, extension bar, bit socket adaptor, sockets, and bits. If you use these tools on a regular basis, consider purchasing this product.

The manufacturer’s special wedge-type rachet materializes a super-compact and highly-durable head.

Its special non-slip handle prevents the torque from decreasing even if you use it with an oily hand. The handle is largely made from wood, so you can sense the natural feel on your hand and the faint aroma of wood.

Unlike conventional sockets, this one reduces contact with fastener corners, so the edges of the bolts or nuts will not wear.

Although this product is most recommended for motorcycles, piping, and machinery applications, you can also use it for factory iron work, electrician tasks (never use it at live wires/devices), and solar mounting/installation.

Technical Details