Vessel Megadora Full-Tang Chisel Screwdriver 9.5mm 970

Sale price$23.99

Slotted screwdrivers often get misused. They're used for opening paint tins, scraping paint and adhesives, and sometimes even for chiseling wood or removing tile. With a typical slotted screwdriver, this causes the tip to bend and break, damaging the screwdriver and often making it unusable.

If you're someone who likes to use your screwdriver as a chisel, how about investing in a high-quality chisel screwdriver - like this one from Vessel’s Megadora range - so that you never have to worry about a broken or bent tip again? Megadora slotted screwdrivers were designed to be used as chisels too.

Their special, extra-hard (58 HRC) tips can withstand significant impacts, and their elastomer-resin grips absorb an enormous amount of shock. The screwdriver is full-tang, meaning the shaft goes right through the handle, culminating in a metal end-cap perfect for hitting with a hammer.

These drivers are fantastic for stripping spot weld, and chipping tiles and bricks. As the tip of the screwdriver is sharp, like a chisel, they're also fantastic for cutting a new slot into a rusted or stripped screw - allowing you to get a proper grip on the screw head and remove it without a headache.

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