Vessel Megadora 900 Non-Slip Chrome Vanadium JIS Screwdriver +3 150mm

Sale price$11.99

Vessel’s Megadora 900 cross-point screwdriver has been developed to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard), meaning the tip design is superior to a typical Phillips head screwdriver. The JIS screwdriver tip works with both Phillips and JIS screws, without experiencing cam out which can strip the screw and make it difficult to remove.

JIS screwdrivers are highly-recommended when you’re working with Japanese products, such as vehicles, home appliances, electronics and agricultural equipment - as they often use Japanese JIS screws, which are easily damaged by Phillips head screwdrivers.

In addition, screwdrivers from the Megadora 900 series feature Vessel’s latest Jaws Fit technology. Jaws Fit screwdriver tips feature shallow ridges on each of the wings, allowing the driver to bite into the screw head for extra grip. This significantly reduces the chances of it caming out and damaging the screw, and makes it much easier to remove stuck or rusted screws.

Vessel’s Megadora 900-series screwdriver models each have triple-molded handles, making them among the most comfortable screwdrivers on the market. The molding features cushioned corners to ensure maximum torque while going easy on your hands. They also have hardened chrome vanadium steel shanks, and magnetic black tips. Their non-slip handles make them excellent for use in oily conditions, such as during automotive repair and maintenance, and agricultural or industrial work.

This is a number 3 sized cross-point (Phillips) screwdriver with a 150mm shaft length.

Technical Details