Tonkachi Susa Osho 4lb Shock-Resistant Sledge Hammer 009589

Sale price$149.00

This is a small professional quality sledgehammer made with usability and comfort in mind.

This hammer was made in Sanjo, Japan, by Tonkachi Susa’s craftsmen, who are experts at making hammers. This hammer is designed to be heavy-duty and durable, to be able to take anything a rough and tumble professional work site can throw at it. However, its shock and impact-resistant design makes it ideal for home and DIY use, too.

It features a 4lb specially molded urethane resin head, which is dampens recoil and excessive sound when striking. It’s both heat and cold-resistant, with a workable temperature range between -20 to 90°C. Its handle is crafted from high-quality fiberglass, which makes it exceptionally shock-resistant, and ten times more durable than similar wooden-handled hammers, with double the striking power. 

Technical Details