Tomita Nisaku Yamakatana Hori Hori Knife (Japanese Stainless Steel Camping Knife) No.801

Sale price$35.00

Nisaku No.831 Yamakatana S is an outdoor knife that is supported by horticulturists and campers due to its high quality. You can also use this hori hori knife for digging and harvesting mountain vegetables, branches, vines, and more.


  • The whole blade is quenched to maximize its sharpness and hardness.
  • With a mirror-polishing process, the blade also is resistant to corrosion.
  • An integrally-molded handle allows you to cut objects with an easier grip and more precise force control.
  • One side of the blade’s edge is serrated to facilitate cutting and reaping activities.
  • Its sheath has a belt holder, so you can carry the knife by hanging it from your belt or belt loop.

Technical Details