Tomita Nisaku Mikazukikama Japanese Sickle Stainless Steel Grass Sickle No.130

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This type of tool is called a kama, which is also known as “mikazukikama (crescent sickle)” or “usugama (thin sickle)” and is translated as “Japanese sickle” in English. It is commonly used for weed removal and harvesting plants such as wheat and rice.

Its stainless steel blade is lighter than its carbon steel counterparts, so it is easy for elderly and women horticulturalists to use. A quenching process implemented by the manufacturer enhances the blade’s durability, and it can also be resharpened.


To reap weeds or crops with this Japanese sickle, you have to pull the blade to your side. In other words, you have to draw the blade towards yourself.

For this cutting motion, be careful not to cut your legs/feet.

Although this tool can cut twigs, it is not suitable for cutting tough or thick branches; the blade may nick if you try to cut these objects.

When storing, remove dirt and wetness in advance for a longer lifespan.

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