Tomita Nisaku Hori Hori Leisure Knife (Japanese Stainless Steel Digging Knife) No.6500

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Nisaku’s No.6500 model Hori Hori Leisure Knife is a gardening knife specifically meant for digging (this type of knife is also known as a hori hori knife). The shape and serrated blade allow you to cut through grass roots easily.

The scoop shape of the blade is inspired by the traditional hunting tools of ancient Japanese people, who sharpened bamboo into multi-purpose blades.

If you’re having trouble digging through roots in the soil with a traditional shovel, this Japanese knife will make it an effortless task.


  • This tool is ideal for garden or farm use, to break up root networks in the soil.
  • The seamless transition from blade to handle prevents dirt from entering.
  • The mirror-polished surface ensures extreme rust resistance.
  • Its wooden makes it comfortable to grip.
  • An inch scale is printed on one side of the blade.
  • It includes a synthetic leather sheath.

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