Tomita Nisaku Hori Hori Garden Knife (Japanese Stainless Steel Digging Knife) No.802

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Nisaku’s No.802 model is a garden knife that specializes in digging (this type of knife is also known as a hori hori knife). If you find any difficulty or struggle digging up the ground with a normal shovel, try this Japanese knife to plow it effortlessly.


  • This tool is ideal for horticulture uses, farming, garden trimming, and mountain activities.
  • You can rely on the blade’s hardness thanks to the manufacturer’s heat treatment.
  • Its mirror-polishing enhances the blade’s rustproof property.
  • Its wooden handle gives your hand a comfortable grip feel.
  • The attached finger guard prevents your fingers from injury due to unexpected slippage.
  • An inch scale is printed on one side of the blade.
  • It also has a leather sheath that is convenient when carrying it around.

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