Tobisho Type A Brazed Pruning Shears Yasugi Carbon Steel PS-04 200mm

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This pruning shears is Tobisho's masterpiece. Tobisho locates in Yamagata Prefecture (belongs to northeastern portion of Japanese mainland) where hammer forging has been one of the local's traditional arts.

Type A refers to a pruning shears whose handles are made from white heart malleable cast iron brazed with quality special steel. Nowadays only a few Japanese craftsmen master this forging technique.

Tobisho's cutting tools are all hand-forged. The repetitive hammering and heat treatment by using lead significantly strengthen the blade hardness.

The blades are brass brazed with a high-grade specialty steel. Further, the round edge blades drastically enhances the sharpness, durability, and abrasion resistance.

The light-weight handles are designed to grip with comfort, suitable for heavy-duty gardening. A metal stopper attached on one of the handles' grip end.

A pivot's bolt and nut are minutely tightened by professional's hand which enables smoother snips with seldom rattling and loosening.

Tobisho's pruning shears is a corpus of traditional Japanese handicraft technique directly inherits from samurai sword forging. Its extraordinary sharpness and durability will offer you an impressive cutting experience.

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