Tobisho Type A Brazed Pruning Shears Aogami Blue Paper Steel PS-06 200mm

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This high-quality hand forged Japanese pruners are made by Tobisho, a shears manufacturer located in Yamagata Prefecture, where hammer forging has been one of the local traditional arts.

Type A Hand-brazed series refers to pruning shears that have blades made with two or more brazed materials. It is said that only a few Japanese artisans master this metallurgical technology.


  • Made with Yasuki Aogami Hagane: the extra sharp and sturdy steel that is perfect for cutting tools.
  • Excellent in friction resistance, its cutting capacity hardly declines even under heavy use.
  • Brazed by hand of professional craftsmen.
  • Round-edged blades make cutting smooth and effortless.
  • An attached stopper on the end of the handle facilitates a compact storage.
  • Suitable for general horticultural activities.

Technical Details