Tobisho Single-Blade Japanese Slim Pruning Shears Garden Scissors 200mm

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Tobisho is a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in forging high-quality pruning shears and scissors designed to last a lifetime. They're based in Yamagata prefecture, which is famous for its traditional hammer forging techniques. All Tobisho shears are crafted to the highest standards, using the best materials.

These shears are combine the characteristics of pruning shears and garden scissors. They have a narrow, slim blade which allows you to do light and delicate pruning and harvesting in tight areas, like standard gardening scissors. Yet they feature single, curved blade style that is typical of bypass pruning shears. This gives the shear powerful cutting capacity, while staying agile and lightweight.

Although these shears are designed for cutting buds and picking flowers in confined areas, they're also ideal for doing light pruning, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and maintaining bonsai trees.

Technical Details