Tobisho Double Blade Leaf Shears One-Handed Pruning Secateurs PS-34 270mm

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Tobisho is a Japanese master blacksmithing forge that focuses on creating high-quality, handmade pruning shears and garden scissors.

These shears, unlike most pruning shears, feature two blades - like scissors. This makes them ideal for pruning leaves. Leaf shears are a great tool for topiary shaping, and keeping trees and hedges neat and clean. Even though leaf-cutting is what they were designed to do, of-course they can be used as typical pruning shears for light pruning of twigs and small branches too. 

These shears are handmade by expert craftsmen using extremely high-quality Japanese steel - so you can rest assured that they're super sharp, and built to last a lifetime. They are made to be used with one hand, and combining that with their extra-long blades makes them especially efficient gardening tools. They feature eye-catching yellow and red grips so that they're easy to find even in the low light of dusk and dawn.

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