Suehiro Coarse Carbon Whetstone For Sickles 120 Grit 521-C

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This Suehiro Sickle Whetstone comes in a coarse 120 grit so that you can easily repair dull, damaged and chipped blades before a further sharpening. This whetstone is designed to meet the demanding needs of those who rely on sharp and efficient sickles for their gardening or harvesting tasks.

This whetstone is made from top-tier materials to ensure durability and longevity. Suehiro's artificial whetstones are more durable than natural whetstones, and provide an even finish. The #120 grit surface is free from impurities and specially tailored for sickles, providing an ideal level of abrasiveness to restore their sharpness.

This whetstone has garnered favorable reviews in Japan since its release, earning the trust of professionals and hobbyists alike. Its consistent and reliable performance has made it a go-to choice for those who demand the best when it comes to keeping their sickles in peak condition.


  • Soak your whetstone for a few minutes, to ensure it is saturated with water. Suehiro whetstones typically need to soak for less time than other brands.
  • Place your sickle on a hard and secure surface, with the sharpened side of the blade facing up.
  • Firmly holding your whetstone, run it along the length of the blade, while making a back-and-forth pushing motion.
  • Repeat until a burr forms on the blade.
  • Flip the sickle over, and briefly run the whetstone along the blade until the burr is removed.
  • Repeat the process with a medium grit whetstone (1000-2000) for sharpening, and a very fine grit stone (4000+) for finishing.

Technical Details