Silky Gomboy Folding Pruning Saw (Rubber Handle) 240mm 121-24

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The Silky Gomboy is a multi-purpose folding saw with medium teeth and rubber handle usable from horticultural use to civil engineering.

Silky is UM Kogyo's globally-known saw brand. Unlike regular saws, Silky saws adopt the non-set teeth which provides a smooth cutting finish with smaller possibility of the blade to stuck in the wood. Also, it decreases friction, damage on wood cells, and generation of wood dusts.

Patented "Mirai-Me" technology: the razor sharp teeth are ground in the blade, allowing faster, more efficient, and smoother cutting. Mirai-Me also materializes cutting from any direction i.e. cross-cutting (cut across the grain), rip-cutting (cut along the grain), and diagonal-cutting.

The blade teeth are instantly hardened by high frequency heating. This greatly increases blade sharpness, and what is more, the hardness gets tripled compared to the ordinary saw teeth.

The mirror-polishing and chrome plating significantly increase blade hardness and lifetime, and enhance resistance to rust, resin, and friction.

An ergonomically designed Gom (Japanese word meaning "rubber") handle reduces vibration and fatigue. Guarantees comfortable grip even with wet and/or cold hand or when wearing gloves. Handle is comfortably warm even in the freezing temperature.

The plastic package can be used as a portable carrying case.

Technical Details