Makita Microwave Oven For Work Sites 40V Battery-Powered MW001GZ

Sale price$1,099.00

This is a cordless, battery-powered microwave oven from Makita that runs on their 40V Max batteries - the same batteries you already have to run your Makita power tools.

Take it to the work site, or a camping or fishing trip, and you'll be able to heat up meals and drinks even when you don't have a stable power source. It's compatible with a range of Makita batteries, so if you already have Makita power tools, you won't need to buy anything new to power it.

This microwave includes numerous safety features, such as an emergency stop function when it's tipped past a 30-degree angle or when the door is opened during operation. It has a collapsible handle in the top, making it very easy to carry from the truck to the work site and back again.

You can even use it to charge your phone, or other USB device, as it has a USB outlet on the front. 

Compatible batteries:

  • BL4025 x2
  • BL4040 x2
  • BL4050F x2
  • BL4080F x2


Run time (on one charge):

  • 350W Heat Setting: 14 minutes (BL4025 x2) to 48 minutes (BL4080F x2).
  • 500W Heat Setting 8 minutes (BL4025 x2) to 35 minutes (BL4080F x2).


Main unit only. Batteries and charger sold separately.

Technical Details