Makita Battery-Powered Rechargeable Kettle 36V KT360DZ

Sale price$219.00

This battery-powered rechargeable kettle from Makita is great for when you want a hot cup of coffee but don't have a reliable power source.

Whether you're on the building site at work, or camping in your free time, there are plenty of moments when a rechargeable kettle would come in handy. Save money by eating cup noodles on the construction site for lunch, wake up to a piping hot cup of coffee in your tent, all powered by the Makita batteries you already have to run your power drill or circular saw.

This kettle sits on a portable caddy, which makes it easy to move around even when full of water. It's powered by 2x 18V Makita batteries and can boil up to 1.7L of water. Its durable resin and stainless steel construction means it'll last for years to come, and the outside won't get hot even when the water boils inside. 

Compatible batteries:

  • BL1860B x2
  • BL1830B x2

Body only. Batteries and charger sold separately.

Technical Details