King Home Whetstone Finishing Stone 6000 Grit S-45

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One of the most popular finishing stones in home kitchens around Japan. The King Home whetstone, produced by Matsunaga Stone, is slightly harder than their "King Deluxe" series of medium grain stones, as they're a finishing stone. 

6000 grit whetstones are designed for finishing the edge of a blade after sharpening with a medium grit stone. Sharpening with a 6000 grit whetstone is the final step in the process of making your blades exceptionally sharp.

The Home series of King whetstones is compact, and designed for home-use. These stones are suitable for planer blades, kitchen knives, hatchets and more.

If you're after a larger finishing stone for professional blades, try the King Super Finish 6000 Grit S-1.


  • Soak the stone in water for only 2-3 minutes.
  • Finish your knife on the stone, occasionally sprinkling water to keep the stone wet.
  • Wash and dry your knife.
  • Gently rinse your whetstone under clean water and air-dry completely before storing.

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