King Deluxe Whetstone Sharpening Stone 1200 Grit

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King Deluxe whetstones are one of the most widely-used whetstones in the west. They're manufactured by Matsunaga Stone in Osaka, Japan. They are a soft stone, and they require being fully soaked before use. Due to this, they create a nice muddy slurry to sharpen your blade in, and are far more suitable for fine steel than "splash-and-go" whetstones. 

1200 grit is perfect for regularly touching up knives that are already in good condition.

If you're refinishing a very dull or chipped blade, try a slightly lower grit, like the King Deluxe 800 Grit.


  • Soak the stone in water until bubbles stop surfacing (15-30 minutes). 
  • Sharpen your knife on the stone, gradually forming a muddy slurry on the blade.
  • Wash and dry your knife.
  • Rinse your whetstone under clean water, pat-dry with paper towel, and air-dry completely before storing.
  • Rotate stone with each use to ensure even wearing, and flatten as-needed.

    Technical Details