King Deluxe Whetstone Sharpening Stone 1000 Grit

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Matsunaga Stone is one of the oldest manufacturers of whetstones in the west, and their King brand is the most well-known Japanese sharpening stone globally.

King Deluxe whetstones are a pleasure to use, owing to their exceptional feedback and their softness when compared with other brands. They're gentle stones, suitable for fine steel and high-carbon steels like yasugi, which many high-end Japanese planers, chisels, hatchets, pruning shears and knives are made from.

1000 grit is a great all-purpose grit for anyone learning to sharpen blades.


  • Soak the stone in water until bubbles stop surfacing (15-30 minutes). 
  • Sharpen your knife on the stone, gradually forming a muddy slurry on the blade.
  • Wash and dry your knife.
  • Rinse your whetstone under clean water, pat-dry with paper towel, and air-dry completely before storing.
  • Rotate stone with each use to ensure even wearing, and flatten as-needed.

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