Hozan Hex Nut Driver 4mm-10mm (5/32"-3/8") D-840

Sale price$9.95

These nut drivers from Hozan are perfect for working on bicycles, light gas engines, or other low-torque environments. The drivers feature very long shafts that allow you to access nuts and bolts wherever they may be, even in tight spaces or behind obstacles.

The special thing about these particular drivers is the extra-long 18mm space inside the socket part of the driver, that allows you to access nuts even when a large portion of the bolt protrudes from it.

These drivers come in six different sizes applicable for use on 4mm (5/32", M2) nuts and bolts, all the way up to 10mm (3/8", M6) nuts and bolts. The smaller versions are ideal for hobbies in which removing small nuts is a frequent task, such as on remote control cars, PC cases, and other devices.

These drivers have been treated with an anti-corrosion oxide film to ensure that they last for years to come.

Size: 4mm (5/32") M2

Technical Details