Hozan Crimping Pliers Toggle Crimping Tool for Open Barrel Terminals P707

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This product is a set of crimping pliers is for open barrel terminals/contacts. They can crimp a wide range of terminal sizes.

Their toggle mechanism allows you to crimp securely while applying only a light force.


To crimp the core wire, place a terminal in the cavity of the tool and squeeze the handles slightly to hold it. After this step, insert a stripped wire into the terminal and crimp it.

To crimp the insulation, perform the same step mentioned above. Be careful not to squeeze it too strongly or the insulation may break.

It is recommended that you lubricate the hinge and movable parts periodically to prevent wearing, which may lead to incomplete crimps.

There is a stopper on the pivot part that is convenient to use when you need to store the pliers. To close the handles, depress the stopper while tightly squeezing them. Do not press the stopper first: make sure to squeeze the handles first. If you wish to use this product again, squeeze the handles lightly and you can unlock the stopper.


Technical Details